January 26, 2007

Master First Post

This is my first time ever posting on a blog. It seems strange to share so blindly. I have read many blogs over the last few months and found that it seems to help the submissive. They seem to find support in blogging and reading about others. I suppose it helps to know you are not alone. I don't really see a need for me to post but melody insists if I try it I will find something. Of course she doesn't know what I will find but it will be great. I am sceptical but open.

My house is in a bit of transition. lucy is at home for a visit. she will be returning soon with a new found focus. We shall see what that means. lucy is a wonderful slave but she is very young. she needs to blossom more and I worry I can't offer her everything she needs. That is why I wanted to introduce a new sub to our life. lucy has never been apposed to other woman being part of our intimate life. We searched and found the most wonderful person....melody.

lucy and melody had a friendship first and they get along beautifully. melody is everything I was looking for. melody has a different more mature submission. lucy still needs to find her way. I love lucy but don't want that to be a source of regret for her later in life. When she returns I will maintain my tight hold on her and hope that We can find our way.

On a more kinky level......

I have been having a wonderful time with melody. she is VERY submissive. It is almost like a different realm for her. I have been trying to increase her bondage tolerance. she has been doing very well. The other night she cooked and hosted a dinner for me and friends. she is amazing in the kitchen and in service. melody has this ability to really make me feel like the King of a room. she has this amazing ability to predict my needs. she is observant and remembers small details. I LOVE that!

I am going to head out for the night. I am interested to see where this leads.


CLoud said...

Welcome to the world of blogging my friend

Anonymous said...

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