February 02, 2007

My girl comes home - Master

My girl is coming home tonight!!!!

I am overwhelmed with emotion. Something that doesn't happen very often. I am a bit concerned for how things might unravel the few days. I want lucy to really find herself before she returns to me.

Subs should not be allowed to pout. I am a sucker for the turned over lip and big, sad eyes. Last night melody gave me that look. The one I can't seem to resist. It amazes me how soft I got. When I realized how she was manipulating me I stood my ground.....but man it was hard to say no to that face.

I am heading out to meet lucy at the airport. I mustn't keep my needs waiting any longer.....HA!


Anonymous said...

Welcome HOMMMMMEEEEEEEEeeeeeee lucy.....big hugs girl xxxxxxxx

I hope everything turns out the RIGHT way for all of you.

kisses and sloppy licks on your cheek lucy


Optima said...

Welcome home, lucy!

floweringhana said...

please tell her hello and give her a hug for me. Tell her if she has time come read my story