April 20, 2007

Bits and Pieces

this is lucy......

i have become a domestic goddess....well i would like to think that i have. i have been spending most of time around the house focusing on Master and my submission. It has been nice but there is a delicate balance for me. If i am inside for too long i get stir-crazy. i need to be out and experiencing life. Master and i are going to find a way to create this balance. He seems to know what He is doing if i could just trust in that 100%.

There are moments when i feel like a bad slave for i can't release 100% of myself. i am still holding onto to things that Master wants me to let go of. He says it is my age but what if i am always going to be like this. Does it mean i am not truly meant to be submissive. Maybe this is the difference people talk about between a sub and a slave. i want to release myself 100% to Master but i struggle. i get mad at myself and then i act out. Then i am filled with guilt. Thus far things have been great. Having melody helps tremendously. i find that not being alone so much helps me.

i am trying Master
i am scared but ready
i am Yours....

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