May 28, 2007


lucy is doing good. Yesterday was a hard day for her...she was in a lot of pain. Today she seems to be stronger and feeling better. she will be starting physical therapy soon and so we are all excited about that. W/we also talked to the Doctor about her coming home. With the possibility of the other surgery still looming over U/us the doctors think it best for lucy to stay for at least two more weeks. Ideally they would like to see her have that surgery and not leave until after that recovery, but lucy is really feeling the itch to get home. Being in her own environment would be really good for her, but Sir is being very protective and cautious. He feels if the doctors want her to stay then she should stay....they wouldn't insist on it if she didn't need it.


In my comments lee ann asked: How are you not jealous in your current situation? How are you okay with sharing Sir Michael with lucy?

W/we all really care for one another and it makes us happy to see each other happy and satisfied. There is a lot of love here in our world.

Our positions in the relationship are clearly defined. We maintain a very open line of communication. If there is any tension or someone is not happy we address it right away. This dynamic really works for us but it isn't always easy.

there is more i want to say here but i am out of time for today. i have read a few blogs that talked about poly relationships and also people who have to indulge their kinky desires by stepping out of their marriage or 'vanilla' world. i have lots to say but not enough time today....sorry.

More to come next time......


M:e said...

Everyone's dynamic is different, but I do believe that clearly defined positions, communication, and a desire to put the others first are probably key stones to the success of any poly relationship.

I'm sorry things are still so hard for must be such a worrying time for you all. Stay strong, and know you are in the thoughts of others.

hugs xxx

lee ann said...

thanks for your answer. i appreciate how open and honest you are. i am always curious about those in poly relationships. thanks for sharing.
lee ann