February 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

Things in my life are going well....for once. It is super nice to have minimal stress in my life. i love it when things run smoothly...it is when i am happiest. It never seems to last for very long which is the only part that bothers me.

i have been thinking lately about being more in the moment. i think i would enjoy my world and the things i already have if i am more in the moment. When i am in a BDSM setting i am totally in the moment, but you have to be. It is easy to be elsewhere in your brain during everyday life. i find i am always thinking about the future. Preparing, planning, worrying,......it seems is making me unable to truly appreciate the things i already have. If i were to be 100% present in the moment i would enjoy my son and mate more. i would be less stressed because i wouldn't be worrying about all the things i am not doing. It seems simple enough but harder than i realized. It is easy to loose yourself in the future......if you don't like what you see in the moment it is easier to space out on something else. i know i am babbling but that happens to me from time to time....hehehehe

Until next time.........


Optima said...

i totally understand what you mean. i struggle all the time with just living in the moment, or even just living in today.
whenever i fing myself stressing over the future, i pull myself out of it by thinking about the things i am grateful for. It helps keep me focused on what i have right now & what i can give today.
Thank you for your post & have a great day!

Optima said...

it would be a privilege if you put my link on your blogroll!
i enjoy {all of} your post's and stop by daily to read.

i hope you are having a great day!

Anonymous said...

Once again mel you are spot on!

I am the same.